Relaxed Backyard Family Portraits

Family portraits can be relaxed. You don’t have to over-plan to make your photos reflect the vibe of your family. Sometimes staying at home and hanging out in the backyard can really set the stage for everyone to thrive. At home family portraits keep the kids and parents at ease, and that’s because everything you need is there. You’re in the safest and most familiar environment where the family can just be themselves! And when someone needs a break, it’s easy to do so. There’s no stress of traveling to a specific location, worries on bringing snacks or activities for the kiddos. Staying home truly creates the most warm and intimate type of family portraits. And when you incorporate something your family loves to do together-whether its board games, listing/playing/dancing to music, playing in the gets the kids in a fun and carefree state of mind. This type of cozy session will create some fun and one of a kind family portraits that you will love for years to come! It’s a great way to keep it relaxed and genuine.

This backyard family portrait session was just that. Easy, calm, and totally fun. The kids got to share and explore their favorite spaces in their home with their parents. They listened to their favorite music, wandered around, explored spaces, and were able to take our time. In turn, this created a warm environment for the boys to feel at ease and open up in their own space. It’s all about that comfortability that inspires real and authentic family photos. Because of the simple nature of throwing on jeans and your favorite T shirts, at home family portraits are a must!

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