Savana & Jordan

This couples session was sooooooo fun. We met at a local park in Longmont, CO and wandered around together and talked. That has to be my favorite part about a couples session, you never know where it will lead. It depends on so many things, the music I’m playing, the weather, the mood and vibe of the couple. That is something I am forever thankful for and curious about, how differently each couple/pair/duo/partnership interacts with one another. It’s almost as if each couple were its own fingerprint. Savana and Jordan had that sweet and special way about them too. They have been together for over 10yrs and have been raising two beautiful children together. That comfortability and that kind of connection is what I love about photography. I got to capture some very sweet, loving, and intimate moments between them. And there’s nothing quite like a Colorado summer sunset to brighten any mood. During covid, things have been so different and challenging. That is why I appreciate my couples and friends that continue to love and value photography.

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