Longmont Airport Engagement

Steph & Matt are two of the most bad ass people you’re gonna meet. These two are both pilots and Marines. WAY TO GO! I feel incredibly lucky to meet such incredible human beings while on this photo journey. Steph & Matt contacted me for a different kind of engagement session. These two flew in from PA to CO and wanted to capture the memories. I of course, was ready and excited to work with such a cool couple in such a new setting. This session has left me so full of love and so excited to try new things with couples. It’s all about making a session your own. Whether you love planes, flying, or just kissing your partner-airports are the new happening place for romance! Haha, if only I had personal access to private planes more often! Couples, if you and your partner want to get creative, do something different, and celebrate your love in your own way-I am ready for it! I love hearing about a couples journey together, and this day was all about that. We wandered around the airport and talked about planes, love, and connections. We met other pilots and I listened to them talk about things I’ll never understand-but seeing how much they loved talking and sharing their stories with other pilots/plane enthusiasts was so cool to see. Passionate people have a special place in my heart.

This was some deep and meaningful work. I am so proud of this session and still so honored to have worked with such talented and passionate humans. I’m still buzzing from how cool this engagement session was! If you’re visiting Colorado with your partner and want to capture it, let’s create something meaningful together.

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