Mount Blanca Elopement

This Elopement was so fun! Originally we planned for it to be at the Sand Dunes in Colorado, but the weather made it a little difficult. When I arrived at the Dunes it was windy! And I mean windy! There was so way these two were going to be enjoying eloping with high winds and sand blowing in their faces. Thankfully, I always scout my areas beforehand, so we had a nearby second option available. And that was the trailhead of Mount Blanca! Which was absolutely beautiful and had some moody skies above the mountains, so all was not lost. We made the most of it, and sometimes that can be better than the original plan. When you get married and elope outdoors, you always have to go with the flow. Especially in Colorado, you really never know what’s going to happen. They joke about ‘dressing for 3 seasons in a day’ here. So, you can imagine!

Max and Kerry are two of the coolest people I know. These two just EXUDE cool through their core. They were totally down to elope in a windy foothill and I am forever grateful they were willing and excited throughout the entire shoot. Being able to photograph couples in love is one of my most cherished experiences. When people allow me in their bubble, I get to show it off. When two people connect and are vulnerable while forgetting I’m there, magic is made. Being able to make people feel comfortable and relieve the feeling of angst is something I pride myself in and am constantly working towards. I love capturing connection, forever and always.

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