RMNP Elopement

Mercedes & Elias wanted to do something sweet and simple that reflected them as a couple. Eloping is so wonderful because you truly have no limits on the possibilities of what you and your partner can do. Do you want to dress up and read your private vows in the mountains? GREAT, we can do that. Do you want to drive around Rocky Mountain National Park and find a hike to explore? WONDERFUL, lets go! Eloping is about you and exploring what makes you YOU. The possibilities are endless and your imagination really gets to take you wherever you dream. The day is about you and your partner, thats it. Mercedes and Elias were so looking forward to a calm day in the mountains, we explored and found areas that inspired us the most. This is what makes for fun/candid photos, just enjoying the flow of the process. Eloping in a National Park is pretty sweet! It’s an easy time getting a photo permit and RMNP was extremely helpful and accommodating. If you’re thinking about eloping-definitely consider your favorite National Park! And definitely consider eloping on a weekday, you’ll have so much more privacy and less foot traffic.

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