FaceTime Portraits

Covid has really changed photography and how shoots are going to continue in the near future. And that’s ok. We are all in this together and we are all trying to find ways to navigate through this. This portrait session with a local Colorado-Artist, truly inspired me to continue to pursue more FaceTime portrait sessions. In 30min we captured SO MUCH. I will continue to book FaceTime sessions throughout 2020. So, if you are needing headshots, branding photos, or a couples portrait, or even a small family photo- We can totally do this! I limit the party size to 3 people, just because iPhones can only include so many people with ease/comfort.

Savana got in touch with me because she needed new photos for her eBook. Savana’s eBook will communicate how to integrate painting into your life, both physically and mentally. The quality is clearly not that of a DSLR, but dang, I’m impressed with what an iPhone can do these days! When you have a fun idea and a purpose, your images will always turn out great. It’s about finding out why and what you can do to express yourself. Need some inspiration? Send me an email, lets create something unique for you! trust me, I have PLENTY of ideas to get us going.

Send me an email if you’re interested in booking a FaceTime session with me

You can see and support Savana’s artwork and paintings on her instagram @savanalees

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