Oregon Waterfall Elopement

When I first met Ethan & Becca, I was immediately blown away by how much they love each other. These ‘Oregonian’ natives connected with one another so well, it truly was the sweetest morning. Oregon in the Fall is cold, so we opted for several breaks and warmed up in the car. I was just blown away by these two and their positivity! And when I say cold, I mean FREEZING. The waterfall actually left a snowy white sheath by the time we finished! And they really braved through it, not complaining at all.

That can really make or break your wedding day or elopement day-attitudes! Things don’t always go as planned, and thats ok! Mother nature has a way of working it all out. After the Elopement, Becca and Ethan changed into some warmer clothes. We spent another hour or so wandering around different areas and found more amazing waterfalls. Oregon is a truly magical place, and if you are your partner are considering a PNW elopement, I highly recommend considering Oregon. It’s amazing that there’s so much to offer and so much lushness!

October in Oregon is something to see!

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